So I have been really slacking the last couple weeks with planning and preparing. And I depart in just 3 months – holy crap time flies!

Even though I have not been doing a lot, I still am always keeping my eyes and ears open for deals and ideas on food, gear, routes, tips, etc. I also finally got out on a decent hike and “practiced” in the snow.


I have found some great deals on food. Some meals/ingredients I am buying fresh, preparing, then dehydrating. I have also been stocking up on already dehydrated and freeze dried items. Living in Utah, preparedness is a huge thing; So shelf stable foods are not hard to come by. I have gotten a number of ingredients and meals nearly 90% off at Emeimagergency Essentials Scratch and Dent Sales. Grandma’s Country Foods also was a big help in donating some #10 cans. FYI: I am both mailing from home and hitting up some grocery stores along the trail. Majority will likely be from home, but utilizing the bigger/cheaper grocery stores in big towns.

There is one item that I have been really struggling with: HUMMUS. I really liked the idea of having hummus with crackers or pita on trail for lunch. But I didn’t want to attempt dehydrating my own with the high oil/fat content.

There was only one hummus powder that I could find, which was Casbah on Amazon at $50 for 72 oz (144, 2tbs servings). Today I went to my local WinCo. I must say before moving to UT, I never knew such a place existed, but man, they have good deals and a great bulk selection! I wandered the isles looking at how their prices compared to elsewhere (bulk food, dehydrated ingredients, granola, trail mix, etc.) Some items were cheaper at Smith’s, but I found quite a lot of stuff cheaper at Winco, including a wall of like 25 different kinds of trail and snack mix.


Any who – back to the hummus talk. I made it all the way through he store, when I recalled my desire for dried hummus, maybe they will have it, I thought. After weaving my way across the entire store again; They sure did – for just $5.45/lb! That is just 34 cents an ounce compared to 69 cents for Casbah!

Of course I bought some to bring home and try out. I played with mixing it with water, oil, and both. With just olive oil, it seemed to stay pretty gritty and tasted too much like oil. I actually didn’t mind how it tasted with just water. Though, mostly water with a dash of oil provided the best taste and texture. I am still deciding if and how I will carry oil on trail, but with or without, this hummus is great and I will be sure buying some to add to my resupply.

Happy Trails!




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