Sh- It’s Getting Real.

My date is fast approaching (April 18) and I have so much yet to do! I have been slacking so hard, though my brain has been overwhelmed. I have to move most o my stuff out of my house this Easter – Though I will be leaving most of my PCT Food and Gear to finally sort through and pack until my lease is over at the end of the month. From there, I will couch surf until I drive myself, my car, my food, and my gear to my Dad’s house near Lake Tahoe. After instructing him on my resupply, I will fly to LA, to get one final “test hike” under my belt at the Happiest Place on Earth, aka Disney Land 🙂

My to do list before leaving Utah, in no particular order:

  1. Pack and move my house/belongings
  2. Move my Cat and Dog
  3. Pack my Resupply Boxes
  4. Work and hope they find a replacement for my position that I can train before I leave
  5. Slack off at work
  6. Procrastinate daily
  7. Sort through my 200 gigs of music
  8. Chop off my hair – Yep finally decided to do it.
  9. Refrain from buying too much at my daily “errands” to the store
  10. Call Local Animal Shelters  to partner with
  11. Plan Local Events and Day Hikes
  12. Have and event at my UFC Gym
  13. Pickup and sell Bandanas
  14. Finalize shirt design and start campaign
  15. Publicize
  16. Tinker my gear list and buy last minute items
  17. Stress Out & Get Amped!!!
  18. A million other things!


And here are some pictures from my March Practice Trip hike in Canyonlands NP to look at and to keep me calm.E (1)

O (24)