I’m not a Lesbian, I’m a Thru-hiker

Yesterday marked a big milestone. I had my last day of work, had my last workout at my UFC Gym, and I cut off all my hair! All so bitter sweet.

Today is my last full day here in Utah, and time flew by so quickly! Even though my start date is only 11 days away, I still have a lot of little things left to do. With my final 24 hours here, I have to finish packing away my personal belongings, make sure I have all my food and gear and pack it in my car (hoping it all fits). And then I of course have to spoil my dog to death, as I won’t see her for a number of months 😦 I suppose I should throw in some quality time with my boyfriend too 😛 *BTW, everyone insist to my bf that he needs to bring my dog to come visit me on trail!* I still have yet to pack any of my resupply boxes, which is a weight on my shoulders; But I know it will be much easier to just finish sorting and packing all my food and supplies at my dad’s house – a bit roomier than a tiny apartment still full of moving boxes.


If any one is wondering about my hair –    Yes, I am  donating it. No, I did not cry. Yes, it feels incredibly weird. Though, I do like the fact that I don’t have sweaty hair going into my mouth when I work out; my hair doesn’t get caught in the foam roller; my hair doesn’t get in the way when I drink out of a fountain; I don’t have to use so much shampoo; my hair doesn’t take 8 hours to dry; and the list goes on. It will take some getting used to still, as I have tried to adjust my non existent pony tail, tried to whip my hair back when drying, etc.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had much anxiety or little freak outs about what has happened or what is still to come. I am a super neutral and non-reactive person, which probably lends to this, but I have found myself wondering, WHY AM I NOT FREAKING OUT OR WORRIED! With my very even-keeled personality, I am not much of a smiler – especially when asked to pose if you haven’t seen all my photos on fb or asked anyone who knows me. Though as soon as my adventure is brought up, I can’t help but grin 🙂 I haven’t even started, but I am so excited and makes me truly happy. It is going to be an amazing experience and I can not wait to share it with all of you.



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