Meet Evan


Evan is the subject of a sad story with what is rapidly becoming a very happy ending.  Here is his story told from Randall, LF President.
We believe Evan is about 1.5 years, a lab/ Newfoundland mix, with possibly some Chow.  He was abandoned in a vacant field in Hemet, CA with a bag of food.  He is very loyal and waited for his owners to return – for over a month.
A neighbor noticed him sitting there day after day, and realized nobody was coming back for him.  He tried to catch him, but Evan always managed to elude him (he is very clever).  The neighbor provided food, but nothing could entice Evan to leave the field where he was abandoned.  He was never unfriendly, just smart, evasive and determined to be there when his people came back.  Mostly he would just sit and wait.  It was heartbreaking.
About this time we heard about Evan through our SM network.  After all he’d been through, we did not want him to be subjected to the risk of a kill shelter, and offered him a place at our Living-Free Sanctuary.  The neighbor finally managed to catch him, and Marsha Hovivian fostered him until we could get there to pick him.  Marsha named him Evan.
We don’t know what lead to his abandonment, but it had nothing to do with him.  He is socialized with people and other dogs, is well-behaved, good-natured, gentle, tolerant and affectionate, and obviously extremely loyal.  Edgar (Kennel Manager) says he is best described as an “old soul”.
I know he will love his adventure with you, and can now look forward to a healthy, happy, safe life ongoing.  Like all rescues, he really deserves this second chance.

Find Evan and I on trail before Idyllwild. I will update our route when it is known as we have to make it around the Fire Closure. On Sunday, May 1, join us, Living Free, ARF of Idyllwild, other hikers, locals and their dogs on a lovely morning hike on the Ernie Maxwell Trail. After the hike, we will join at ARF’s Facility for a tasty BBQ! Please let us know if you are coming on the Facebook Event Page.

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