Day 5 & 6: Zeros

Day 5 & 6:

I stayed at the Stagecoach Trails RV Park 4 miles from Scissors Crossings.My mom was to arrive to town today, though with some unexpected delays, she wouldn’t arrive until after 5.

I was able to get a nice shower and do my laundry. I got back to my tent just in time. Not too much earlier, a tractor barely touched a spigot at a nearby site. I looked over to see the ground full of water and the pipe flowing, and the new stream of water was headed right to my tent. Not 20 seconds after rescuing my stuff to the nearby picnic table, the spot where my went and belongings were had been flooded.


At noon, I went to the RV store and waited out front to hitch a ride. At about 12:30, I got a ride to Scissors Crossings from a couple. About 15 minutes later, I got another ride to Julian from a shirtless man in an old beat up van, I was sketched out for sure, but he was nice. What else would you expect in these little towns.

I had been hearing so much about Julian and their apple pies (apples not grown locally). There was one place in town that gave PCT hikers free pie. However, there are about 8 pie shops in town. I took a guess and went to The Julian Pie company, tucked away at the far end of town. Not free, but I got a delicious lunch special – I wouldn’t call that half a sandwich!




After lunch, I limped my way to the post office. I was to get a package with a knee brace and insoles delivered. But earlier that morning, I got an email saying my package was undeliverable. I called Amazon from the payphone and ended up getting connected with UPS. Nope, they would not send it to the PO. I couldn’t get it sent to the RV park either. Finally, I was able to give them the street address to the PO and that would do. However, when I got to the PO, it had not been delivered yet and I’d have to wait until 1 the next day. I had planned to get back on trail in the morning, but changed my plans to spend another zero.

After the PO, I walked over the the library to catch up on my internet required duties. At about 5, I got a ride back to the RV park. Being a woman, does indeed come in handy. On my way to the PO, a guy asked if I need a ride as another male PCT hiker was trying to hitch right next to me. While at the library, a woman came up to me, asking if I was a hiker (it is pretty obvious), and if I’d like a ride when she left. Turns out she was headed right where I was going! I waited out front the RV park for my mom to arrive with her new 5th wheel and rested the remainder of the evening.

The next day, back to Julian for more PIE! This time I found the free spot and enjoyed my free slice at Mom’s. I was able to get my package from the PO then back to the RV poark to rest some more. I am sure glad I had the RV to sleep in tonight as it was a whirl wind outside! Crazy wind = crazy clouds too.




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