Day 7: Rock, Paper, Scissors…Water

Day 7: Scissors Crossing (77.32) to mi 98, 20.68 miles.

I thought my first day back on trail after 2 days off would be a slow one, but I got back into the groove quick.

My mom dropped me off back to the trail at 7:40. My knee felt fairly good considering the circumstances. My hips weren’t too happy with me and now the sole of right foot isn’t too happy either, but all manageable.

As for the day and scenery it was pretty uneventful. I did see my mom pulling the rv about 4 hours in to my hike. Perfect timing as I was just popping back out on the side of the mountain where the highway was visible. It was pretty cool to witness how great some people are too. I mention this in regard to the 3rd gate water cache and all the time and effort they put into hauling so much water out for us dehydrated hikers! Every ounce counts for every mile…Especially when it’s 6+ lbs of water!

Many people camped at the water cache, but I wasn’t ready to stop so soon and early. After my 2 hour rest and “icing” my knee I continued on. It was another 5 miles or so until I found a decent place to camp just before 6pm…If you can call it that. It was just a sandy spot just big enough for me to lay.

Despite not sleeping well at night, I still can’t seem to fall asleep during my mid day siestas…


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