Day 9: Good News, Bad News

Day 9: Agua Caliente Creek (mi 115) to Tule Spring (mi 137), 22 miles.


Today I was up early and left camp by 6:50. And the morning was full of Good News and Bad News.

  • Good: I was out of my tent early enough to see the sunrise.
  • Bad: Too cloudy to see anything
  • Good: Cloudy weather means a colder day. A nice break from the heat and easier hiking
  • Bad: Too cold, windy, foggy, and misty. I couldn’t feel my hands by the time I got to the next water source.
  • Good: Added layers to keep warm, which also provided extra padding to my pack.
  • Good: The sun started to peak out around 10:45.
  • Bad: It was too warm for my rain jacket, but too cold with the wind gusts to take it off.
  • Good: Arrived to Mike’s Place around noon for a nice break, conversation, water, Root Beer and a taco!
  • Bad: I was enjoying what the trail angel’s had to offer and the company that I forgot to switch my socks out. Later that evening, I would get my first blister ūüė¶
  • Good: The water report said that the next water source after Mike’s (Tule Spring) was dry.¬†The fellows at Mike’s said that info was wrong and there would be water in the creek.
  • Bad: Yogi’s book and Halfmile App said the Paradise Caf√© was closed on Tuesdays- the day I’d be arriving.
  • Good: A fellow hiker gave them a call, and they would be open until 3!
  • Bad: That afternoon, after leaving Mike’s was a heck of a windy day. I literally nearly got blown up/down/off the mountains a few times.
  • Good: After getting around a couple more hills after Mike’s, it was all down hill for the most part to Tule Spring.
  • Bad: Down hill still aches my knee.
  • Good: The Tule Creek did indeed have water. But even better, there was a water cache!

Mike’s from afar


There’s the gist of my day in format¬†of good news/bad news. For a good portion of the day I¬†“hiked with” two other¬†guys (Badger and Shay). We never really hiked together per say, but pretty much had the same pace and happened to be at the same places at the same time. We¬†were always right behind or right in front of each other. I was glad to have a little company at some of the places we stopped. For example, I knew I was coming up to a creek water source. Before I got there, I saw a sign the said water and shade leading up¬†to¬†where Halfmile indicated Mike’s Place. I had not heard much about this hiker spot, and if I hadn’t crossed paths with the guys at the spur trail, I probably would have passed it¬†up and continued to the creek. But we decided to check it out as a group- a good decision. We passed¬†each other and walked together on and off the rest of the afternoon and ended up camping together near Tule Creek. After dinner, I was in my tent by 6:45. It was both my longest day so far, and the earliest I’d been¬†in bed. That evening it was snowing in¬†Idylwlild, and we were to get rain. I am not sure if it did ever rain that night where we were.


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