Day 18-21: Bearing out the Storm

Day 18-21: More zeros and travel.

Last night at Ziggy and the Bear’s was wonderful. Everyone was in bed by hiker midnight, aka 9pm. Great cowboy camping under the stars and beautiful weather. I dreamt that I won $4800…you know what the means? Of course, next time I was in town I needed to buy a scratch off (I did and won $10!).

I spent nearly the whole day at Ziggy and the Bear’s. I had to wait for my step dad to return from Lake Havasu to pick me up and to return to the RV in Idyllwild. The route to Big Bear was still closed due to last year’s fire. A couple decided to take the 50 mile road walk, and a few decided to risk a hefty fine and walk through the closure. I decided to ride around it.

I said good bye to most of yesterday’s crew who left on shuttles Wednesday morning, and watched a slew of people arrive throughout the day (funny to see what I looked like when I arrived in the heat of day)- more people to meet. It is pretty neat to meet so many people in one place from all over the world – it’s almost like being back at Camp Olson again 🙂 Majority of the day I just sat. That is a hard thing to do – and  I was itching to leave. Thankfully, people watching is very entertaining and there were a lot of interesting, fun, and informative conversations among all the hikers.

My step dad arrived around 6:30, and we brought an older couple (Willie and Escargo) with us back to Idyllwild. Last year Willie thru-hiked the PCT – at age 70! What an inspiration. We stopped at In N Out for dinner – yum! We arrived back to the RV after 9 pm and I passed out.

The next morning, we loaded up the RV and headed for Big Bear Lake. Pulling the 5th wheel up, down, and through the mountains is a big challenge and I was relieved when we arrived into town and were able to park the trailer. I definitely recommend everybody and any body that comes to Big Bear Lake go to Amangela’s in the Village. Delicious – by both hiker and non-hiker standards! We stayed at Serrano Campground – a very nice State campground- a nice place to wait for the storm to pass.image

The next day is when the snow came. Huge flakes. Though, the morning was still nice and I walked a couple miles over to the Discovery Center – a cool little place. Then the clouds came in and it started to rain, quickly turning to snow. Ironically, I was in CA and it was cold and snowy. Back in MN, it was sunny and hot (got up to 90 in Duluth)! We went into town do laundry and grab a few things. I as going crazy cooped up in the RV and was rearing to get out.

Now it is Saturday. The sky is patchy with sun and clouds. This afternoon, there is a chance for rain and snow. I am going to wait a couple hours and hope it misses us. And it gives me a chance to go to the Himalayan/Indian Restaurant and get some lamb and curry! Regardless, I will be hitting trail this afternoon and will probably get rain and snowed on. I hope, it is clear enough that I will get good views!


Update, Day 21 (mi 262-268): Lunch was delicious! As soon as we started to head for the trail, it started to rain and hail. I still was in no rush to leave/get to Kennedy Meadows. We decided to run a few errands and see how the weather was. It cleared up some, but still looked iffy and was forecasted to rain and snow some more. Instead I decided to slackpack from mi 262. My mom drove me down a forest road until she couldn’t go any further and I walked the rest of the way to the trail.While walking I could see the rain all around me, but I was lucky to never get hit. I planned on getting picked back up at the highway (mi 266), but was feeling good, hadn’t been rained, so I continued on to 268 where I would start from in the morning. Having lucked out with the weather, I thought I’d press my luck some more and buy a lotto ticker – no luck 😦





2 thoughts on “Day 18-21: Bearing out the Storm

    • Slacking, sometimes with or without a pack. So getting from point A to B with a lot less. In this case, I didn’t have a pack at all. I just slack packed yesterday too, but had a day pack vs my full pack.


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