Day 22: Miles and Smiles

Day 22 (Sunday, May 8): Big Bear (mi 268.15) to mi 292.4, 24.26 miles. (up/down: +2492/-3919)

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hit trail at about 8 am and the weather was looking perfect. The first part of the morning was a bit of a climb, and came across a few boulder/rock fields which surprised me – the terrain continually changed today. I passed by a a few folks, one girl from Denmark. After the past few days of rain and snow, I was pleased with the sunny weather, though still cool. I came to a nice break spot along a creek, where I filled up and relaxed for a bit/ When the trail finally reached around the mountain, I was finally greeted with the great views of Big Bear Lake (part of the reason I also waited for the weather to clear). That was short lived, as we soon after dipped back down to the other side of the mountain.


At about 1, I stopped with a couple from Boston for lunch. As we sat next to a forest road in the middle of no where, a Ranger/Law Enforcement truck whizzed by. I am still curious as to what they were doing out there – I could only use my imagination. After lunch, I entered in to the burn area. Quite a vast change in scenery. Though very sad to see all the devastation, it was interesting to see the re-growth; and to see all the smiley faces along the trail.


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With the change in scenery, came the lizards again. having been in the mountains, I hadn’t seen lizards in days. Today they returned. Just before 3 pm I arrived at Little Bear Trail Camp – where I had planned on staying. But it was way to early to stop. I rested up for an hour in good company with the couple from Boston, Storytime and Ant Petunia, then headed on my way. Around 6 pm I rolled up to the creek where there was a number of good little campsites, where I set up for the night. My longest day yet.


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