Day 28: Leap Frog


Day 28 (Saturday, May 14): Little Jimmy (mi 383.86) to mi 410.34 (bypass mi 390.21-397.98, 4 mi closure), 18.71 miles. (up/down: 6338/-7630)


I had renewed spirits leaving Little Jimmy Campground. I knew I would be meeting my mom for resupply, a ride around the closure and hopefully some other goodies. On my way down, I passed many, many people hiking up for their weekend trips, including a bunch of boy scouts. After going down, I was yet again headed back up to Mt. Williamson. Even after so many miles, the inclines still seem to really get me. I stopped every switchback for a breather. It didn’t help that I was behind a bunch of Asian day hikers that were putting their selfy stick to good use. Despite the slow climb, I was again rewarded with great views above the clouds, then I started my descent. At about 10:30, I met my mom right before the Endangered Species Detour at Eagle’s Roost Picnic Area. I spent a good couple hours there, relaxing, recharging, and watching my mom enjoy being a trail angel for the day (giving hikers rides around the closure). I planned to get a ride around the 2 mile road walk, and get back on at Burkhart trail. Though when I heard other hikers were trying to go even further, I figured, well then so can I!



Thanks Mom!


Back on trail around mile 398, I started walking again. My battery has been shot the last few days, so I have been trying to preserve it as much as possible (thus not as many photos). While trying to save battery and avoid using my phone, I passed the 400 mile mark without noticing until mile 400.25. I didn’t want to walk back. There will be many more miles and many more markers to photograph. I made it to Camp Glenwood (boy scout camp), and spent another hours avoiding the sun. Here I met up with John, who I had leapfrogged a little this morning and whom my mom gave a ride to. After leaving Glenwood was the most I had walked with another hiker yet- like a whole 2 miles! The walk was nice and flat, yet still offered good views despite following the road.

Soon, I came to 3 Points Trailhead, and the start of Poodle Dog Bush! I was in the grove, rocking miles, and enjoying the cooler temps in the shade, while Matrixing around the bush (10x worse then Poison Oak). I eventually came to a split in the trail; one way was the hiker route, the other for stock which would also lead to the spring. I took the stock route, while Woodchuck and John went the other way. I got to the spring where another hiker was already set up for camp. The spring was crap. The only water I could find was stagnant, algae and tadpole filled. I wandered around for a while to see if I could find better – no luck. Right next door, was a trail camp off a paved path. Many people were heading to the camp with suitcases, cases of beer and water. I was tempted to stay and join the party, but opted to hike further where I would likely get better sleep and find better water.

I hoped to camp just 2 miles later, but unfortunately the small campsite was already taken. Up I would go, another 2.5 miles and 850 ft climb. As I walked, the sun was setting. All I could think was, “ If I am going this far, I better fricking get to the other side of this mountain for some sun before it goes down”. Finally, at about 7:20 I made it to the top to see the sun go down and find camp. I was glad I continued, as this spot was beautiful and got my closer to my next destination.




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