Day 29: Donut Ya Say!

Day 29 (Sunday, May 15): 310 to North Fork Ranger Station, 25.74 mi. (up/down: +4893/-6895)


This morning I left camp by 7:20. I am super bummed that my phone battery is shot as there would have been some great photos. I started above the clouds as I walked through trees and meadow-like landscapes. As I got lower, I hiked through the clouds giving some eerie looking views with the fog and burnt trees. By 10 am I arrived to the Mill Creek Fire Station, where I was able to put a little bit of charge in my phone.

There were 3 other hikers when I arrived who were waiting for Trail Angel Mary. She brought goodies – donuts and bananas! Within the same conversation, I met Mary from back home in Minnesota and Homeboy who was from Sandy (I actually saw him at Ziggy and the Bear’s but left before I could chat)! How crazy two meet two people at the same time from places close to home. It turns out HB lived just 3 miles from me – small world! By this time there were a few more hikers, but not enough to polish off the donuts. You’re not allowed to leave food unattended so Mary had to take the donuts back with her. She gave one last call, and for hiker hunger’s sake, I took two more – double fisting donuts (chocolate and powdered sugar).

I filled up my water for the 18 mile waterless stretch to come in the blazing heat and no shade. It was hot indeed, and I found a nice shady spot for lunch where Homeboy and John later met up with me. I wasn’t sure yet where I was going to stop for the night, but chances are it would be a long day. Today I ran into 2 snakes- likely a Gopher Snake (Rattlesnake look alike) and baby Coral or King Snake look alike. I also saw a bunch of Hummingbirds!


I got to Messenger Flats campground, but it wasn’t too appealing and it was only another 4 miles, mostly downhill, to the Ranger Station and water. Onward I went. It was a nice walk, and the sun was going down, giving cooler air. I arrived to the North Fork CG and Ranger Station around 7:10p. Another windy evening, but toilets! A near 26 mile day – wow! With the little extra walking around during breaks and at camp, I am sure I traveled a marathon today. Tomorrow, I could make it to Hiker Heaven!



Milk and Granola

3 Donuts

2 Bananas

Luna Protein Bar

2 Mini Slim Jims

Tuna and Tortilla

Breakfast Essentials

Tiger Milk Protein Bar

Santa Fe Rice and Chicken

Simple Square


5 liters water


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