Day 31-33: Recovery

Day 31-33, Tuesday, May 17 – Thursday, May 19:


Tuesday was the start of a couple more zeros. I slept in until a bit past 7, as the fog hung over our tents. Once I got up, I had a nice foot soak while I ate my watermelon. A great way to start the day. Later on, I went to the computer tent to update a couple blogs as I was so behind. My mom was going to be meeting me later in the day in Agua Dulce. I also invited the Trail Angel, Mary, for some coffee or lunch. After people watching until about 11:30, I got a ride with Donna (L-Rod) to town. I then went to Sweetwater Café for their Tuesday burger special with Mary, my mom and step-dad. It was neat to learn about Mary and share stories among us all. After lunch, we headed back to Acton to spend some time at the RV resort.


My ankles had swelled to double their size and I had an infection brewing on my right foot. Zeros were in order. I spent the next few days relaxing, elevating and soaking my feet. I was going insane again sitting so much. I left every chance I could get, for a trip to Walmart, a walk to the Adult Lounge aka wifi and billiards, Camping World in Santa Clarita and to UFC Gym.


By Thursday, the swelling had gone done, though still apparent. I found a UFC Gym was located on the route to Camping World where my mom and step-dad were headed; so of course I went! The facility was amazing and huge! Two stories high, a huge bag and equipment area in the middle surrounded by rooms of various other things (yoga, basketball, DUT, locker rooms, BelaCore, etc). I joined in for a BelaCore class (new to me). Turns out today was leg day L Thankfully, trainer Ellen felt my pain and helped me through upper body routines while the rest of the class worked legs. After class, I of course strapped on some gloves and hit the bag before stopping at Baskin Robins for ice cream.



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