Day 35 & 36: Zero and Nero

Day 35 (Saturday, May 21): Zero day at the campground. I had to stick around to play candy bingo of course!

Day 36 (Sunday, May 22): Mi 510 to Hikertown (mi 517.6), 7.6 miles. (up/down: +912/-1886ft)


Goodbye green, hello Mojave

I was fighting myself in what to do to get around the Powerhouse Fire Closure. Start right where the trail opens back up or to skip to Hikertown. I finally and reluctantly decided to meet in the middle…to get dropped off about 7 miles before Hikertown. I would have liked to do all of it, but transportation was turning out to be more of a pain then a blessing and my feet were still giving me a little but of a hard time. I figure some day in like 20 years I’ll return with my kids and do all the sections (I.e. Closures) I missed.

I was bummed to have missed the pancakes at Casa de Luna, but thankfully my mom whipped me up some for breakfast. I was then able to fully catch up on blogging. We left early afternoon for the trail with a stop at Del Taco for lunch. I can never get enough churros! It was interesting to see the solar panel farms taking over the desert.


I hit trail around 2:20 and walked through the last bit of green I would see for a while. My feet were not completely happy with me, but the extra day and a half of rest sure did help my ankles and shin splints – no more tingly feet.


I pulled into the infamous Hikertown around 4:40. It seemed deserted as I walked along the fence to the gate; I saw no activity and no hikers. Once I walked in the gate, I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one there. Everyone was tucked away hiding from the wind.


I made my rounds around the property and the various “rooms”: the doctor’s office, city hall, feed store, etc. All had their unique creepy and dirty feel complete with fake guns, costumes, and some mannequins. I found the least creepy option, having none of the above: a trailer with two beds and a somewhat effective locking door (that is if you tie it from the inside). I then settled in at city hall for some rest, cover from the wind, people watching and conversation.


More hikers trickled in. We waited to see who would take the doctor’s office…The most sketchy option. Smiles, whom my mom gave a ride to and helped find me at Casa de Luna, arrived and I saved him from the doctor’s office offering him the second bed in the trailer. I also waited for a ride in the dilapidated van to the gas station. Unfortunately, I missed all 4 attempts. Just as I arrived, a group had just left. While I was resting a group left with out my knowing. I found Bob and asked him to find me before the next group left. I watched from city hall, but when I went into the trailer to grab something, another group had left. When they returned, a couple other hikers and I asked to go, but by now the store had closed-bummer! I guess on the bright side I saved some money and on that note it was time for bed!



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