Day 38-40: Ruffing It…Not

Day 38 (Wednesday, May 25):

Yet another bad night’s sleep – the trains nearby didn’t help. I tried to “sleep in” a little, or more so just delay exiting my tent. Though, the sprinklers were set to go off at 8a, so I had to be packed up by then.

Once I got all my stuff together, I walked into town to find some breakfast and meet to my mom. I first went to the Apple Shed and they weren’t open until Thursday. I then walked to Kaceys Cafe, but it wasn’t my vibe (no hikers either) and headed across the street to Kohnen’s Bakery. Delicious pastries!


There I reaquainted with some hikers I hadn’t seen in a while. My mom arrived about an hour or two later and we headed for Arizona. She had to go back to Lake Havasu to get some stuff and I went along for the ride to waste some time before my Friday event. My package some how never made it to Tehachapi either and I had no way to figure out where it was. My dad has the tracking number at his house and he was on vacation in Portugal. On the way back from Arizona we’d stop back at the RV on Acton so I could get more of my (homemade trail) food.

It was a looooong drive and it’s hard to sit for so long when I’m used to walking all day. I did get Dairy Queen, a gyro, cookies, laundry, and my old memory foam bed – so it was worth it.

Day 39 (Thursday, May 26):

Lazy morning around the house, a few arrends, and another long drive back to Acton.

Day 40 (Friday, May 27):

D Day! Well Dog Days anyway….Today was the wine tasting event in Tehachapi that I was joining up with. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a pup…bummer…but we brought Lucky with us (one of my mom’s rescue dogs).

A hiker, Lisa, who I met way back at the faucet before Ziggy & the Bear, had a possible stress fracture and was stuck in Tehachapi. I invited her and Rusty to come with us, because who doesn’t love wine and dogs after some bad news.

The Dog Days of Summer at Souza Family Vineyard was a hit. It was their first of the summer and was quite busy with lots of dogs, including a blue one that matches her blue owner! Sorry, didn’t get a picture. Patty and Bob were great hosts and helped me out by selling some of my bandanas! The wine, dinner, and music was also great of course. I got to meet and chat with quite a few people as well.







Post Dog Days: Hwy 58 (mi 566.4) – mile 569.4, 3 miles. (Up/down: +637/-137ft)

I headed back to trail. We first dropped Lisa and Rusty back off at the airport. They tried to suck me into staying there for the night. Very tempting, but I wanted to get a couple miles in of the upcoming climb and I knew I’d struggle with it. It would also be nice to get an early start from trail in the morning. I avoided getting sucked in. Though by the time I got to the trail, hanging out at the airport park or going back to the RV sounded really good.

Finally at 7:40p I started walking again. My pack was heavy with 5 days of food and 17 miles worth of water. It started off flat and following parallel to the highway. Why in the world would Cheryl pick to start here! I can see why she struggled so much. Some big climbs, dead heat, and long waterless stretches.


The trail passed some bee hives then jetted left and into a wash. It was getting dark and it was very hard to follow the non existent trail. I made my way up the rocky incline until I couldn’t go any further. At this point I didn’t know where the trail was, but I knew I had to go right. Soon after I met the path again and continued climbing in the dark.


It started to get windy and I just wanted to find the campsite. Finally at 8:50p I found it, where another hiker wss already cowboy camping. There wasn’t much room, but I tucked myself into a circle of Joshua Trees. I was hoping they’d provide some protection from the wind. I was dead wrong. The wind blew hard all night. My sleeping bag kept getting blown off me. I didn’t sleep.


P.S. Be careful mailing anything to the Tehachapi PO. They have very slow service. I spent well over an hour during my two trips there. You also can’t call them. They leave their phone off the hook most of the day.


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