Day 69: Town to Trail

Day 69 (Sunday, June 26): South Lake Tahoe Event, I 80 (mi 1157.25) to Peter Grubb Cabin (1160.76), 3.52 miles. (up/down: +874/-292ft)

This morning was a fight as I tried to figure out how exactly to structure my day; attending the event in a Tahoe, then if and where to start hiking again.

I was concerned about snow and trail conditions. Ranger stations/offices were closed for the weekend so I wasn’t able to get an up to date report. I ended up calling the Sierra Country Store and they gave me a relieving report which boosted my morale.



I packed up and headed towards South Lake Tahoe for the Bark in the Park Event with the Lake Tahoe Humane Society. After initially getting a little lost when the GPS took us to the long location, we made it to the park. It was a last minute event, but I’d still call it quite successful. I met some more great and supportive people and puppies!  Nikki with the Humane Society was so nice and helpful and offered to sell my bandanas throughout their events for the summer. I got a lot of face licks from Zeek of the El Dorado Animal Services, live music, hot dogs and a K9 Demo. Nikki talked about their awesome event coming up in on July with a celebrity scavenger hunt, paddle and camp out. I wish I could be around for it!


We left a bit early so we could get through the traffic and to Truckee before it got to late. With all the last minute changes (of when and where to start the trail up again), I needed to get a resupply package to Sierra City for my arrival in about 2 days – but the postal service wouldn’t get it there quick enough. I was going to have my dad take a detour and drop it off in his way home. At this time it was mid afternoon and nearly 90 degrees, and I did not want to hike in this heat, so instead we took a side trip to the Sierra Country Store to drop off my package.
It was time to suck it up and start hiking again. That moment is always the hardest, whether taking a day or a week off. Once moving again it’s not so bad. I left the I 80 rest stop at 6:15, still warm but not blazing hot. My dad and step mom took the side trail to the PCT with me and we said our goodbyes and I was alone again. A short time later the highway noise dissipated and I was truly alone.

How did that get up there?

How did that get up there?

The first mile was great and I was feeling positive…then I sunk and my momentum became sluggish. At about 7:45 I made it to the Sierra Club Cabin. I scouted the area and found another tent-happy to see another person! As soon as I started to set up the hiker said that I may not want to stay there as she was a smoker. I said I didn’t mind, but knew it was her way of nicely saying get away. I spent some more time looking around for another area, which I found but kept looking as I assume there had to be more people around.

I thought the Peter Grubb Cabin was just like the Meiss Cabin, just a monument. To my surprise, I saw movement in the top of the cabin-people! There were two guys and a gal, and I opted to stay in there as well. The downstairs had tables, stove and a “kitchen”, while the upstairs was an empty loft. Mr. E was finishing a section southbound that he skipped the year before. Scott was just out for the weekend headed back to Truckee. Then there was Annette who was doing a short section to Sierra City Nobo. I immediately asked if she was looking for a partner and we both rejoiced! I wouldn’t be alone at least for a day! Woohoo.



2 thoughts on “Day 69: Town to Trail

    • Still quite a bit of snow, and Dicks Pass would have been particularly high and hairy. I also was going to be meeting my Dad further north and wouldn’t have enough time to get there. He is close to Tahoe so it’ll be easy for me to get back to do that section.


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