Day 70: Getting through Hurdles

​Day 70 (Monday, June 27): Peter Grubb Cabin (mi 1160.76) to mi 1174.94, 14.18 miles. (up/down: +2349/-2383ft)

I woke up at my usual 5:30, but everyone else was still asleep so I tried to sleep in a bit longer. I didn’t have much luck and eventually quietly and slowly started my morning routine. The others soon followed suite. I got a bit of a later start around 7:20 which I wasn’t too worried about as I wasn’t planning on getting in a ton of miles.

Annette planned on doing the 35 mile section to Sierra City in 5 days while I was planning 2. Mr. E warned us that today would be frustrating as we’d be doing some bush whacking, navigating and snow crossings. Annette and I were glad to have each other – 2 sets of eyes are better than 1!

Mr. E was right, today was tricky. At times we just made our own trail to get around snowed in switchbacks, mud and streams. I fell twice – once on my bum down the snow (guess I should have just glissaded) and another time face first in the gravel. Annette mentioned that if she had been solo she would have probably turned around. I am honestly not sure what I would have done if I were alone. Along with help getting through sketchy sections, it was also nice to have some conversation, motivation, and a photographer. The day provided amazing views of the mountains, lakes and wildflowers.
We had made it about 14 miles by 5. My goal was to make it at least this far and then see how I feel. There were some more sites in a couple miles, and I could have continued. Though Annette had planned on only going about 7 each day if solo, and we both would rather camp with someone else – I knew I would be bored sitting around camp, so I said as long as we’d play cards I would stay.

We had not seen anyone else all day. We made bets on how many we’d see that night. I guessed 2 and within 30 minutes 6 finally passed us. After dinner, we gathered in her tent to escape the horrible mosquitos and to play Egyptian Ratscrew. While playing, we got a guest. A lone deer wandered around our site. We stayed silent, though still making slight noises. The deer got very close and kept staring directly at us, though it appeared that she couldn’t actually see us through the mesh. She came and went throughout the rest of the night.


Granola and milk

Rise Bar

Pepperoni and Cheese

Protein Drink

Dried Fruit

Honey lime chicken



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