Day 75-76: Give Me Puppies and I Never Leave

Saturday, July 2:

With my hip less then sub par, a weekend rave I wanted to avoid, and plenty of days before I needed to meet my dad in Belden (only 18 mile away), I decided to take a full zero at Buck’s Lake.

Started off with an amazing breakfast. Keep feeding me like that and I’ll never leave! The day was filled with a couple games of Farkle, lunch at the Lodge, break in the hammock, and live National Geographic…who needs tv when you can watch a red tail hawk eat a sparrow right in front of you!

It was a good day to stick around. Not only to rest my hip, but to also baby my blister which was on the verge of infection. Last but not least, I reunited with a familiar face that I hadn’t seen since Idyllwild, Shay! We leap frogged from Warner Springs to Idyllwild and shared campsite and company through the section. He was a lot tanner, but still the kind and humorous Shay I remembered. It was good to catch up and hear some of his stories.

A few more dogs (and people) joined the party as well. The count was up to seven!

Feed me tri-tip and fruit, provide a plethora of puppies: I may never leave!


Sunday, July 3:

My hip was no better, and I still had more then enough time to get to Belden. Today was also the day of the infamous Buck’s Lake Boat Parade and I heard a rumor about giant Smores – of course I had to stay another day!





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