Paddling for Paws with LTHS

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July 9-11:

I made it back from Lassen just in time to make it to South Lake Tahoe for the Humane’s Society Paddle for Paws Event!


After spending 2 hours driving around Emerald Bay trying to find parking, getting 3 spots jacked from me and considering just driving back to Grass Valley – I finally found a spot! It was a windy weekend and too hairy to kayak or boat over. I hiked in the mile and half or so to the Boat Camp from Vikingsholm and set up camp with the rest of the small (but no lack of fun) crew. We were joined with 3 members of MTV’s The Challenge Crew – Cara, Jamie and Brandon. Honestly, I had never really even heard of the show before, but I guess it is kind of a big deal! The rest of the day I hung out on the beach, played with pups at the campsite, and took a hike back over to Vikingsholm and Eagle Falls with the MTV crew. Unfortunately, it was still too windy to be out on the water at all today. Though Brandon and Jamie helped rescue a “crayfish catcher” in the chilly water.

Day two, Cara, Jamie, two locals and I, took the 6+ miles hike over to Bliss Beach along the Rubicon Trail – definitely a strain on my hip but a beautiful hike. I had planned on leaving this evening, but after resting for a bit after the hike we decided to try and kayak to Vikingsholm. It was still advised that people don’t go out on the water, but what the heck! Jamie, Brandon (first timer), Cara, and I got in our kayaks and made the treacherous paddle over to the tea house. The waves were crashing over my small little kayak, and I got quite wet, but after fighting the wind , we made it to the island and hiked up to the top! The way back was suppose to be easier with the wind at our backs…but no… of course the wind nearly stopped on our return. Nonetheless, there was still some wind and waves. Jamie caught a wave sideways and capsized. Thankfully, I was still behind him and was able to help him climb back in and another boat came to give him a ride back as his vessel was now filled with water.

thumbnail_Kayak Jamie Demi ALBUM

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A fun weekend indeed, and I am sure glad I stayed for the whole thing and had some fun for a good cause!

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