Success and Failure

So here I am, still trying to settle back into life in Utah. I am still searching for the perfect job and a place to live.

This is the prime time for folks reaching the Northern Terminus. It has been so hard/depressing, yet fulfilling to see all the finishing photos of both people I never met and those I was privileged to meet. I still kick myself for not being able to finish the traditional thru-hike (both the mental and physical aspects)- though I hope to still finish the whole trail in sections. The transition has been tough, and I really wish I was still out there. It makes it all the harder, that I can’t get out and enjoy the fall colors and mountain trails here in Utah like I was hoping. My hip is still just in too rough of shape. Now it is even painful after just a mile of walking on flat terrain.

Even though I did not reach one of my main objectives, I do still feel accomplished. I did “only hike about a 10000 miles”, but that is a 1000 more than most people can say. I am also very disappointed that I did not get to complete my fundraising campaign to it’s fullest potential. BUT, I did not exactly fail that goal. When I was originally planing this whole endeavored, I was hoping to raise a dollar or two per mile. Victoria over at Best Friends said no… push myself and set a higher goal, like 8-10k! I laughed to myself but changed my goal to $4 per mile. That would make for a lofty $10,640 mark. I obviously did not reach that. BUT, I HAVE RAISED OVER $4 PER MILE HIKED SO FAR, AND THE MISSION IN STILL IN PROGRESS. As I write this post, I have raised $4077 for Best Friends, and we still have another couple initiates before this chapter closes.

And like I mentioned, I am not done. I will just have more opportunities to meet more amazing people, deserving dogs, generous organizations, and passionate shelters as I continue to hike the PCT, explore trails, and advocate for rescued animals.

I would like to thank all of my sponsors, shelters, organizations, and donors who have contributed. I would have never dreamed of making it as far as I did with out all of you!

A special shoutout to Ruffwear, ARF, Living Free, Souza Family Vineyard, Rescue Ranch, Outdoors Geek, Bludot Ink, Bobo’s, Darn Tough, and many many more!