The Verdict

No –  I am not talking about the election.

Here is the verdict after getting an MRI on my hip.

The MRI indicated I indeed had a fairly significant labral hip tear. Unfortunately, the only way to actually fix/heal this, is to get arthroscopy surgery.

In case you’re wondering what a labral tear looks like:

My actual MRI on the Right. Pointing to the tear (the white cleft is fluid that shouldn’t be there)

I am on the other hand, happy to announce I got a job working for the State in the Department of Human Services as a Counselor with Juvenile Justice Services (working in Secure Care, i.e. Long Term Juvie). Thankfully, it also comes with state benefits/good health insurance. However, it also puts me on probation for a year. This said surgery also requires a minimum of 6 weeks recovery before I could potentially return to work (would need to be approved to restrain if necessary). Returning to sports could be up closer to 3-6 months. Any who, being on probation and short staffed at work, surgery (aka. time off) is not an option at this time. Just as soon as I finally decide on the major decision to go through with the surgery, I find out I can’t. Isn’t it just awesome how life works. On the plus side, I can hopefully accrue at least some sick time to use.

It is a big bummer I have to put this surgery off, as I both wanted to get it out of the way ASAP and to get it done right before winter so I could be better in time for spring hiking and to return to the PCT for some section hiking. I guess that is not going to happen now, and I will have to again postpone my PCT dreams.

In the mean time, I have gotten a cortisone injection in the hip joint, which hopefully will help with some of the pain and allow me to at least be somewhat active (my definition apparently including climbing Angel’s Landing and to continue to Kickbox) with out SEVERE pain. So far, it has has helped some. I was unable to walk by dog around the neighborhood with out pain before the shot. Now I am back to going to the gym, training, and short hikes. It still hurts, but I am at least able to go a bit further – and it is a good excuse for how out of shape I am now 😛

The diagnoses really sucks, but it also has a silver lining as I now know that my decision to get off the PCT was indeed necessary and I was not over exaggerating my physical pain.

It is unknown when or how this injury occurred. It could have been just from the PCT, but it could also be from an injury 6 years ago I endured while running up a hill in Peru. It could have slowly developed over the past 6 years too. We’ll never know. But hey, that is kind of a feat in itself: Completing 1000 miles of the PCT with a labral tear!

The question is not IF I will be back to the trail, but WHEN.


Last Chance

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