What/Where is the PCT?

Click here for a quick video of what the entire trail looks like – A video made by 2 former thru-hikers.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a long-distance trail that spans 2,660 miles (the exact length differs each year) from Campo, California to Manning Park, British Columbia. The PCT travels along the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges through 7 National Parks and 25 National Forests in CA, OR, and WA. The trail is accessible to hikers and equestrians. Majority of hikers travel northbound (NOBO vs SOBO) between Spring and Fall.

Are you going alone?

Yes – I will technically be starting out solo. Though I am certain I will meet other hikers on trail and travel with them. This gives me the opportunity to both hike alone or in the company of others.

My mom will be following along in her RV for the first couple weeks for support if needed. My dad will also be meeting me for a few days here and there on trail. I hope to talk other friends into doing some small sections with me.

What are you bringing for protection?

Knowledge – be aware and don’t do dumb shit!

Being on trail is no more dangerous than being in the city. It is more likely that you will fall victim to the weather and environment than to a psycho path or bear on trail.

A lot of people have asked if I will be bringing a gun. That is an easy answer- No! The quick justification is because it is too heavy and would be very impractical to carry with a backpack. Not to mention, guns are banned in National Parks.

How long will that take you?

It takes on average about 4-5 months to complete. This can go longer or shorter, depending on distance traveled per day (including “neros”, very short days, and “zeros”, no distance traveled). I’m shooting for an average of about 20 miles/day.

What will you eat?

Food – Real Food. And Snickers 🙂

What is your resupply strategy?

I am mostly sending myself resupply boxes. I have been diligently dehydrating and packaging my own food. Here and there I will fill in and resupply at local stores.

I am working on recording all/most of my food costs so stay tuned post trail for a consensus of how it all worked out.

What gear are you bringing?

Check out my gear list here.

Are you scared you are going to die?

‘Silent Pause’. To be honest – No.

When I was a teenager, I went through a dark time and tried to take my own life. I would not take back anything that happened, as I am grateful for what came from it. Meeting some of the most important people who will be life long friends, and the path that I followed after treatment. That path is where I found my love for the outdoors and my desire to return the favor.

Any who back to the question – I am now a  happy and healthy “adult”, but my own death does not scare me. I am more afraid of getting hurt and being limited in all the things that I love and wish for (hiking, horseback riding, completing the PCT, kickboxing, etc.). And even though this is a risky journey, the chance of actually dying is quite low. If something does happen, I hope to have a GPS tracker with SOS button.

What are your plans for after the trail?

I think this is the one thing that gives me more anxiety then actually doing the trail. I am the type of person that plans out every little detail daily and what my life will look like years in advance (when possible). I am giving myself a second challenge aside from the hike. I am not allowing myself to think about or plan anything for my return. It’s making me a bit crazy, but I also feel so weightless and free at the same time.

I do have some thoughts of things I’d like to do or dreams – resume leasing my horse, continue kickboxing and train for my first Muay Thai fight, get my Master’s in Counseling (this is a for sure, as I have been accepted into a program, but it is mostly online thus not tying me down anywhere). As for where I will live, occupation, etc…Nothing is decided and I will do my best to not think about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get rid of most of my stuff and get a Tiny House for me and my 4 legged kids. Only time will tell. As for now, don’t ask me, because it makes my heart skip a beat.

“Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear.” – Unknown


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